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Google Adwords Campaigns

It’s no doubt you’ve put a lot of work into your business. But if you can’t get your service or offering in front of the right eyes you may not be seeing the success you’d like. Get your message in front of potential customers with Google Adwords.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Think twice before you boost that post! Often people try their hand at Facebook advertising but don’t see the return they were hoping for. With over a billion daily users, a  paid social media strategy is critical to cut through the noise.


Landing Pages & Lead Generation

Give people a reason to give you their email! Knowing where your potential customer is in the buyers’ journey is key. Landing pages are a great way to generate leads, make connections and turn prospects into customers.


Website Analysis

Quality traffic starts here. I can’t tell you how often people use ads to drive traffic but little do they know, their traffic isn’t worthwhile. By looking under the hood I get a clear view of where there are opportunities to up your marketing game.


Digital Strategy

Stand out with digital strategy. I look at the whole picture so I know what levers to pull to provide tailored digital solutions that help you reach your goals, stand out above the competition and help your business succeed.   


Web Design & Optimization

An easy to navigate website that is discoverable by search engines is vital for your business to succeed online. But any old website won’t do. Knowing when and how to improve your website is key to reaching business goals.



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I'm Brittany Taylor, a digital marketing strategsist with a proven record of providing effective digital marketing that delivers true revenue results.

Whether you are looking for high level consultation with your marketing team or a small business looking for someone to take your digital marketing to the next level,  I can help. 

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